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DREAM Lake County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all volunteer organization. Our mission is to provide athletic and academic scholarships for at-risk youth. All proceeds from our social enterprise business, Cloud City Botanicals, provide scholarships for at-risk youth in Leadville. In 2019, we are planning to expand our business to hire youth and give them an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and small business.

WHY: Youth & their families face many challenges in our community--

  • The overall poverty rate in Leadville is higher than the state average. Lake County has a high child-poverty rate and a high reduced-lunch rate
  • Alcohol use among youth in Leadville is higher than the state average.
  • A recent survey asked high school students in Lake County to name their top five health concerns. 87% of youth listed substance abuse as a health concern.
  • Domestic violence and DUI rates are more than double the state rate in most years in Lake County.   

Check provided to Lake County High School (summer 2017) to provide 5 basketball scholarships

Please support our organization by visiting our online store- -Cloud City All of our products are locally-made in Leadville. 100% of proceeds go toward scholarship programs for at-risk youth in Leadville, CO